Creating and Updating Products

  1. Products belonging to the customer must be created from the OMS; otherwise, if the product is entered through the WMS port, it will be associated with the product in the warehouse, and the customer will lose the appropriate operation authority to enter and exit the product in the future.
  2. Put a check in the warehouses you want to include this product in if the same OMS product is to be used in more than one warehouse. As a result, you can add this product to the warehouse without having to create it . Simply choose the warehouse account on the product editing page if the newly created product needs to be added to a different warehouse.
  3. The batch update of product information uses product import and keeps the SKU unchanged. All other required information, including information that needs to be updated and information that doesn’t need to be updated but is required, is filled in. After importing, all information except for the SKU will be updated to the latest form.
  4. If the SKU has been audited in the warehouse, it cannot be imported again to change its size and weight, product packaging type, or single package quantity. If you need to make modifications, you can do so on the WMS (warehouse management system) side.
  5. When creating the product, under “Package Type,” you can choose to require additional packaging if your SKU needs it when it ships out. Under the “Packing Type with Multiple Products” option, you can choose “One piece per package” if a single package contains multiple products, each of which needs its own packaging. The packages will then be automatically divided as necessary by the system.