Replacing the Shipping Label

If the outbound order’s shipping label has already been generated, the WMS system can replace (or regenerate) it before the order is complete. If the outbound order’s shipping cost has already been billed, replacing it will cancel the previous shipping label and update the warehouse cost, but the shipping charge in the OMS system will remain unchanged.

If the invoice on which the shipping fee is billed has not been paid, you can first remove the shipping fee transaction from the invoice and then replace the shipping label. The freight in OMS will be updated in this case.

Situations where it’s necessary to change or regenerate the shipping label include:

  • OMS customers wanting to change the shipping service without canceling the original order.
  • To update shipping costs, the shipping label must be regenerated due to package size changes.

The outbound shipping label won’t be cancelled; instead, the system will generate a new shipping label in accordance with the most recent requirements or choose not to generate a shipping label at all.