How to submit a ticket in ShipOut WMS

1. What is a ShipOut ticket

If you require help, support, or training for one of the platform operation modules, you can submit a support ticket to the ShipOut team. This includes recommendations for technological upgrades or general comments on the system. Your requests will be handled by our support team right away and promptly. All opened tickets will be listed so you can see their status. 

If the resolution to the ticket was not satisfactory or if it was closed accidentally. The ticket can be reopened, and the request can be resubmitted.

2. Where do I go to submit a ticket?

From your warehouse page, look for the support case icon. 

3. How do I submit a ticket?

When you click Support Case, you will be redirected to the ticket submission page, as shown in the figure below.

1. Click Create Case button on the upper right

2. Fill in your ticket subject (i.e. your question) and other necessary details related to your concern or request. If you are creating a ticket in behalf of an OMS customer. Please indicate the OMS ID in the description section.

3. After completing the form. Submit your ticket

4. We recommend that you monitor the tickets progress.

5. After the support ticket is resolved, it will be closed.

6. You can reopen the ticket if there are still problems.

7. On the support case  page, you can view all work order status and conditions

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