Understanding the Billing

1. Total used amount = total transaction amount + warehouse manual deduction
2. Total recharge amount – total used amount + discount amount = available balance = balance – used amount (if the equation is established, there is no error in the account)
3. Total recharge Amount = customer online recharge + customer offline recharge + warehouse manual recharge, query location: in WMS – portrait button – account settings – payment records – balance change records – filter customers – payment type: customer online Recharge, customer offline recharge, warehouse manual recharge
4. Total transaction amount: WMS——transaction—all——filter customers——excluding canceled transaction amoun
5. Warehouse manual deduction: same as total The recharge amount query path is the same, and the payment type is “Manual Deduction by Warehouse”
6. Discount amount query place: Bill – Account & Bill – Click the corresponding customer – Calculate the sum of the discount amount
7. The status of the transaction flow:

  • Paid: This transaction has been deducted from the system
  • Unpaid: This transaction has not been deducted in the system
  • Billed out: This transaction has been billed
  • Not billed: This transaction has not yet generated a bill

8. Batch addition and removal of bills
In the bills, transaction records can be added and deleted in batches, and the added transaction records can be filtered according to the type and creation time of the transaction records.

9. Billing log view
Click “Billing Log” on the top right of the bill to view the time, action and operator of the billing operation.

10. Bill editing
Click the “Edit” option in the bill to set the format of the bill as “summarized by transaction type” or “summarized by order”; set discounts and exchange rates; set the repayment due date.