How does WMS create an Inbound order?

1. Manually create an Inbound order

Steps: Inbound Management > Inbound Order> Create Order> Fill in the corresponding information > Submit

Note: WMS can choose to create  or assist OMS customers to create an Inbound Order.

2. Delivery method: refers to the packing type. There are usually boxes, pallets and containers of different sizes. It is convenient for later warehouses to set different fees according to different types; select the estimated delivery time and carrier.

3. Purchase order number: If the product is purchased from other erp, we can record the purchase order number.

4. Container number/Tracking number: select or edit the delivery address; fill in the shipping tracking number. It is convenient to estimate the arrival time and confirm the order number. 

5. Inbound List: fill in the corresponding packing specifications. If there are multiple types of box types in a Inbound List(boxes with exactly the same packing specifications and packing products belong to a box type number), you can add the box type , and define the quantity of each box type and the type and quantity of SKUs in it. The batch number is the batch of the product, and the expiration date is the expiration date of the product.

6. Operation unit details: fill in the MU details, select the MU type, it can be a pallet or an outer box. Select Add Box Type Name


You can cancel the inbound order when it is in the pending status after it is submitted. After it is canceled, it will appear in the canceled status. In the canceled status, you can choose to delete the canceled order record; the system will not find the warehouse receipt after the warehouse receipt deleted in the draft status is deleted.