How to link your Wayfair account in ShipOut?

I. Attention, please read first:

The following settings must be completed before you are able to sync the orders:

  •  Wayfair store alias mapping needs to map ‘supplier part number’ instead of wayfair SKU
  • Connect FedEx or UPS  account and set up bill to wayfair account
  • Set up a shipping service group and set the rate as 0
  • Set shipping automation rules for this service group: when customers choose this serivce group, they do not choose logistics services, but only choose to generate bills through the account of Wayfair shipping account
  • Wayfair orders must choose this service group
  • After setting up, it is recommended to test one order first, and then operate other orders if there is no problem
  • After syncing orders in the system, do not delete it easily on ShipOut, otherwise you will not be able to sync this order again
  • After Wayfair is linked, automatic inventory synchronization is turned on, and our system will send a corresponding product inventory update request to Wayfair when the available qty of each product changes. However, all inventory conditions will not be automatically synchronized. If turned off, the inventory synchronization request will not be sent when the available inventory changes
  • If the user needs to update and synchronize all inventory quantities at one time, he needs to check the corresponding product in the inventory module and click inventory synchronization. All the checked inventory will be sent to Wayfair at one time (not affected and restricted by whether automatic inventory synchronization is turned on)

II. Operation Steps

2.1. In the ShipOut OMS system, click the portrait icon in the upper right corner > Selling channel > Connect a store or marketplace > Wayfair

2.2. Log in to your Wayfair account by clicking ‘log in here to sign in to your Wayfair account’

2.3. Request for API developer access: submit a ticket in Partner Home for Inventory & EDI > Set Up an Inventory Feed or EDI Connection with Wayfair. Make a note in comments section ‘ The software provider is ShipOut Inc’

2.4. Create a new application named ‘ShipOut——Sandbox’, choose Sandbox mode, copy the ‘Secret key and ‘Client ID’  and send them along with your product catalog to ShipOut CS team. We will help you send the data verification for inventory synchronization to Wayfair.

2.5. Create a production application under Developer tab, after you acquire the ‘Secret key and ‘Client ID’, do not close the page, copy the ‘Secret key and ‘Client ID’ ,go back to WMS Wayfair log in page, input the information.

2.6. ShipOut will send Wayfair the inventory synchronization data that has been tested. After that, you must update the initial ticket to inform Wayfair that your Inventory test Feed has been completed, as well as request production application approval.

2.7. Wayfair will authorize your application in the formal environment after confirmation, and you can use it officially after authorization.


  • If you delete or cancel store orders in the ShipOut system after they’ve been synced, you won’t be able to place them again. Please use caution as this is a limitation of the Wayfair platform.
  • Do not select ‘selected by warehouse’ when submitting a Wayfair order in the system; instead, make sure to select the way you specified in the logistics ‘service group,’ which must be Wayfair logistics.
  • Please see the instructions below for setting up a service group in the system.

III. How to set Wayfair logistics as shipping service

3.1 Connect your UPS account > Turn on ‘Bill 3rd party’ > Fill in the Wayfair UPS account information > Confirm

3.2 Set shipping service group: Shipping service settings > Service setting > Service group > Upload a file with all the rate set as 0 and  set all the other rate as 0

3.3 Set a shipping automation rule for this shipping service group: Shipping service settings > Shipping automation > Create shipping rules, choose ‘bill by 3rd party > Apply

If Wayfair has both Fedex and UPS, you have to set 2 rules as belows:

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