Bundled Product Inventory Conversion

If “Automatic inventory conversion” is selected for a bundled product, the system will automatically transfer the inventory of the standalone product to the bundled product if the inventory of the bundled product is insufficient. This means that when a customer orders the bundled product and there is not enough inventory of the bundled product available, the system will use the inventory of the individual product to fulfill the order.

Note: The system will not use the size set for the bundled product when placing an order if the inventory of a bundled product is insufficient and the system transfers inventory from the standalone product. Instead, based on the quantity of the one product in stock, an algorithm will be used to determine the size of the order. This implies that the order’s size may vary from the amount that was initially determined for the bundled product.

The product inventory list will display the inventory of the bundled product and the standalone product separately if “Automatic stock conversion” is enabled for a bundled product. If the standalone item in the bundle is available, its stock will be shown and used to fill orders first. If only one standalone product is in stock, its inventory will be shown but not added to the combined inventory of the other products so that 1+1=1.