Exporting Parcel/Freight Outbound Bill Records

1) In the “Parcel Outbound”/”Freight Outbound” tab of the transaction module, you can choose the “Export transaction with Shipping Transaction” option to view all orders with outbound operation transactions, along with synchronized shipping transaction information. If you choose “Outbound Transactions,” only outbound operation fees will be displayed. Additionally, details of outbound fees, billing modes, fee names, and billing objects will be shown.

2) From the “Shipping” tab of the transaction module, choose the option to export “With Outbound Transaction”, all the outbound orders with shipping charges will be displayed, and the outbound order fee of the order will be displayed; if you choose “Shipping Transactions Only” the outbound order fee will not be displayed, only the shipping fee will be displayed, this includes the zone , shipping account number, COD option, insurance amount, package quantity, package dimensions and weight, and billing will be displayed at the same time Detailed information on freight shipping

Note: The system will not display the transaction with a fee of 0 by default. If you need to display it, please check the “Display as 0 transaction” option at the top of the page when exporting.

Frequently Asked Questions: Why is the Transaction of the parcel outbound invoice in the exported file incorrect?



To troubleshoot this issue, go to the “Parcel Outbound” tab in the transaction module and use the Invoice number to search for the relevant data. Make sure to include “Shipping Transactions” when exporting the data. Please note that in order to be able to export the data, there must be an outbound transaction in the bill. If there are only shipping fees and no outbound charges or fees, the data cannot be exported.