How to Set up Stripe Online Payment

Online payment is a collaborative online payment function between ShipOut and Stripe. You need to apply for a Stripe account and fill in the related information and connect withdrawal account. The platform will ensure that the information is complete and the withdrawal account is correct before you activate the online payment function.  

WMS account Setting – Payment Setting – Online Payment 

This process is jointly provided by ShipOut and Stripe. Please fill in the related information on the page . 

After completing the filling, the missing information will be displayed. After completing the missing information, click “Finish” to return to system Settings . 

The system will automatically judge the accuracy of the information. If the information is not completed or there are errors, the information to be improved will be displayed on the page. Click “Complete Online Payment Setting” to complete the information as request.

After all information is filled in, you need to wait for the Stripe to verify the information. At this time, you do not need to modify any information. The information can be used after the verification is passed.  

Once the account information is confirmed to be available, the online payment page will display the payment Settings for the credit card and ACH . 

After switch on, the OMS client can recharge with a credit card or ACH. Both credit card and ACH payments have transaction fees (2.9%+0.3 for credit cards, 0.8% for ACH up to $5 per transaction). The warehouse can set up to be paid by the customer or by the client  


Such as credit cards  

  • When set to pay by yourself, the customerwho recharges $X will pay $X and you will receive X* (1-2.9%) – $0.3  dollars.
  • When set to pay by the customer, the customerwhorecharges $X will pay X* (1+2.9%) + $0.3 dollars, and you will receive [X* (1+2.9%) +0.3]* (1-2.9%) – $0.3  dollars.