How do I connect a PayPal account to accept payments?

Please keep in mind that PayPal will charge a handling fee of 4.4 percent + 0.3 USD. For example, if your customer’s recharge amount is $100, the final deduction amount is 104.92 US dollars. ($104.92-$104.92*4.4% -$0.3=$100)

Step 1: Log in to your paypal account> My Apps & Credentials> Live> Create App> Live ApI Credentials

Step 2: Log in to Shipout> Account Settings> Payout Setting> Online tab

Step 3: Copy the Client ID from the Paypal interface and paste it into the ShipOut Customer Information column. Click the Show button in the PayPal interface’s Secret field, then copy and paste the password into the key verification field of ShipOut. Simply click the Save Account button.