ShipOut May 2021 System Release Content

1. Allow entering negative amount when creating transactions for the purpose of crediting or refunding. 

2. Assist in the addition or removal of transactions from the uncleared bill in order to improve the customer experience.

3. In the bill, include features such as discounts, tax rates, and repayment due dates.

4. Increase the size of the payment status display on the page; the payment status can now be seen clearly.

6. [WMS/OMS] Bill printing and bill export formats have been optimized. A warehouse logo appears on the bill, and the bill’s export expenses are detailed.

2. Inventory optimization

1) [WMS]> [Inventory]> [Product Inventory] Import and update inventory logic changes; After the inventory is successfully imported, the inventory quantity in the table will directly cover the inventory quantity in the system; it is used to solve the problem of adjusting the batch inventory to 0;

2) [WMS]> [Inventory]> [Product Inventory] Support batch transfer and batch adjustment of inventory; batch operation is more convenient and customer experience is improved;

3. [WMS]> In the upper right corner, a small head> [Account Preferences] Support for warehouse custom logo settings, with the logo finally appearing on the warehouse bill to OMS.

4. Additional shipping automation rules and conditions

1) [WMS]> [Settings icon in upper right corner]>[Shipping service settings]>  [Rules for shipping automation] Add an option for automatic order placement; customers can choose whether a label is created automatically or manually by the warehouse after it is an order is created.

2) [WMS]> Settings icon in the upper right corner> [Shipping service settings]> [Shipping automation rules] Can now use the shipping account only. If you want to use this account for third party billing, apply this rule. 

5. [WMS]> [Outbound Management]>[Small Parcel Outbound]  added the “print label” operation; you can set the shipping rules first, then choose not to print the shipping label after selecting the shipping service. Orders that match the applicable shipping rules will not be issued a shipping label and will not be charged. The warehouse can edit the order after receiving it and then create the shipping label;

6. [WMS] Employee permissions are visible and optimized for the amount field; for employees who do not have bill permissions, they cannot see the amount related to the bill, and cannot perform related operations on the amount;

7. [WMS/OMS] When submitting, remove the logic of the packaging material application; Cancel the logic of packaging material application for documents that do not require it; regardless of the size of the product, as long as the customer chooses the product without packaging material. The system does not bring out packaging materials for the order, but instead uses system logic to match the minimum order size to the order.