How to create a standalone product?

I. Create a new standalone product manually

Steps: Product>Standalone>Create Product> Create standalone product> Check the warehouse where the products will appear> Fill in the product information, fields with a red * is required (SKU, name, product size and weight are required); if there is an international order shipping requirement. You must fill in the information required for customs declaration.


1. OMS-related products must be entered from OMS. Otherwise, after the items are entered from the WMS port, they will be assigned to the warehouse’s products, and OMS users will no longer be able to perform incoming and outgoing operations on the products.

2. When entering the product size unit, pay close attention to the shipping calculation logic.

If the unit of the SKU size is cm, the size will be rounded up every time it is converted, and each side will be rounded up and then multiplied.

For example: SKU size: 70cm*30cm*13cm, weight 2.8kg, volume weight is 194.  70 cm = 27.5591 inches, rounded up, converted to in: 28 in*12 in*6 in, and the billable weight for the order is 11lbs

3. For
the same OMS product, if you want to use it in multiple warehouses, you can select multiple warehouse accounts on the product creation page to achieve synchronization, there is no need to create it again; or when importing the form to create a SKU, check multiple warehouses to import to achieve the created SKU and use it in multiple warehouses. If the created product needs to be synchronized to another warehouse, check the warehouse account on the product edit page. The premise of the two operations is that the OMS account needs to be an OMS customer of the warehouse account 

Amazon’s store alias is SKU, while eBay’s is platform SKU; if you’re not sure,
test the order in the “Order Management” interface after linking the
store, and click the order number to view the store SKU information;

II. Batch import of standalone products

Steps: Product Management>Standalone Product>Import>Import Standalone Products>Select Warehouse>Download Form Template>Fill in the Form>Select the completed form>Upload>Confirm information>Import;

Fill in the blanks with the rules:
1) Only the red header is required; the rest of the content can be filled in as needed.

2) ItemPackageType:  Please select “ready to ship” if you don’t require any additional outer boxes. Please select “package needed” if you require additional packaging materials; products marked “package needed” will automatically select a suitable packaging material from the warehouse system’s inventory.

3) Hazardous (Battery): if it contains hazardous materials such as batteries (required);

Confirm information:  you can check the imported data on the confirmation page before importing. The related columns highlighted  can be checked and modified.

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