How does WMS receive a return order?


Only the “Add to Stock” processing method updates the product inventory. When the return order’s processing method is “Replace Label,” the product inventory can only be shipped out by entering the return order number through freight outbound; if the return order is completed, the return order number cannot be entered through the freight outbound order. If the returned product is added to the product inventory via “Add to Stock,” it can only be shipped by using the ‘create package’ option in the freight outbound order.

Steps: Return management> Return Scan the waybill/RMA code> enter the size and weight of the returned package, as well as the actual quantity> receive and perform the corresponding operations


(1) For a single package, the return supports multiple processing methods; after selecting the SKU and the corresponding processing method, click Save, and then Process again to process the remaining SKU quantity in different ways to process the return.

(2) If the return processing method is to “Add to Stock”, the current SKU inventory will increase once the operation is completed, and this also supports putting away standard and damaged stock quantity 

(3) You can attach files for each SKU. If the return method is “Replace label”, you can upload the product label as an attachment