How does WMS determine the cost of a work order and bill it?

I. Setting the ticket Fee

The system allows you to charge different rates for different types of work orders. The cost of the work order is fixed, and the calculation formula cannot be changed, so it will not be calculated automatically based on the number of products or other information in the work order.

Steps: Settings button in the upper right corner> Billing Automation> Work Order tab> Create new charge > Select Work Order Type and Set Rate> Save.

The work order’s billing rules can be edited, deleted, or disabled, but the billing rules that have already been used cannot be deleted.

If a specific customer’s work order fee differs from the default work order billing rules, you can change it in the client center.

Steps: Customer Center> Click “Edit” after the customer account you want to modify> Billing items and value-added service settings> Work order> Advanced settings> After modification, click “Apply”.

II. Billing the work order

After the customer submits the work order, you can process it in work order management module

When you click Process, you’ll be able to see the contents of the work order as well as assign the work order’s operator. Attachments can be sent or received. Messages can be sent to OMS customers via the message board.

You can adjust the location and change the product’s inventory number in the inventory tab.

If you need to change the cost of the work order, go to the completed tab and click Edit Charges to change the billing.

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