What is the process for creating a parcel outbound order?

I. Create a single outbound order

Steps: Outbound> Parcel Outbound Order> Outbound> Inbound> Inbound> Inbound> Inbound> Inbound> Inbound> In Make an outgoing order> Fill in the required information on the page.

Note: While the inbound order is still in the ‘awaiting’ status, OMS has the option to cancel it. After being cancelled, it will be listed under ‘cancelled.’ The cancelled orders can also be deleted by OMS.

If OMS cancels outbound orders after they are submitted to WMS, the status changes to ‘cancelled,’ but the cancelled order cannot be deleted. Inbound orders in the draft box can only be deleted and not cancelled; however, outbound orders can be cancelled and will appear in the ‘cancelled’ section.

While the outbound order is in the draft state, you can compare shipping prices. Only EzeeShip users have access to the shipping price comparison. If your warehouse is linked to other shipping accounts, you won’t be able to use this feature.

The logic behind the shipping cost comparison display is as follows:
Even if the customer configures the services of other accounts in the logistics automation rules to exclude Ezeeship service, the price comparison function will only display the Ezeeship price ( Ezeeship Account linked). Customers will be able to place orders through Ezeeship using the Service with the Lowest Estimate Rate and Service with the Earliest Delivery Estimate.

II. Batch Import

Steps: Outbound Management>Parcel Outbound Order>Import>Import Outbound Orders>Download Sample File>Import File>Draft Status>Review the imported Outbound orders>Submit Outbound List

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