How to link your Eccang ERP accout in shipout?

Note:The link type currently only supports Eccang ERP.

Eccang ERP link supports order synchronization and logistics order number return.   Inventory synchronization is not supported.

Eccang ERP link only synchronizes orders whose order status is unprocessed in the ERP system of Eccang and meets the automatic warehousing rule.  

Step1:Log in your Eccang erp account > Click to add warehouse in warehouse management of WMS


Step2:Fill in the warehouse code “SHIPOUT” (please confirm that it is correct), and the shipping method is third-party-other

Step3:Copy the warehouse ID of the added third-party warehouse and fill it in the “connect store or marketplace” page of ShipOut

Step4:Add Orders of positions Rules under Sourcing Rules of OMS

Step5:Configure the order rules that you need to import to ShipOut, select SHIPOUT as the warehouse, and save Orders of positions Rules

Step6:  In the ShipOut OMS system, click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Selling channel > Connect a store or marketplace > Eccang

Step7: Fill in the Warehouse ID and other information into ShipOut .(see step 2 for the obtained  information).

warehouse ID:Copy the ” third-party Warehouse ID” that you created at Eccang .

user name :ECCANG ERP login user name

Password :ECCANG ERP login Password

ERP OMS Domain:Enter the Eccang ERP OMS Domain ,the domain name includes https://

ERP WMS Domain:Enter the Eccang ERP WMS Domain ,the domain name includes https://

Channels name:Nomandatory requirement.You can create customized name