ShipOut August 2021 System Release Content

I. WMS system operation page optimization

1. Improve the carton mark printing method used for WMS/OMS inbound orders.

2. Improve store screening

WMS/OMS order management shop order filtering can filter the display of orders from activated and non-activated shops. Disable the following shop operation steps: [shop shop authorization]> [disable the associated shop operation]

3. Optimize warehouse employee authority operations

Without [Billing & Service] authority, warehouse employees can operate to complete the documents, only display the window for adding/adjusting the number of warehouse value-added service fees, and hide the unit price of value-added service fees.

II. Added the order pulling time and order pulling function of Wayfair stores

1. You can set the time when the system starts to pull orders Wayfair ShipOut stores.

We recommend that you do not set the time before the system link as the time when the system starts to pull orders, avoid pulling previously processed orders to the system again.

2. Added whether the system pulls wayfair orders

When this function is enabled, wayfair orders will be pulled. If you do not use wayfair orders, wayfair orders will not be pulled to the system; If this function is disabled, wayfair tickets will not be pulled. If you use wayfair tickets, once this function is disabled, wayfair tickets will not be pulled to the system.


【OMS系统】>【订单管理】>【创建订单】>【输入FBA 地址code】>【选择您的地址】



1.WMS新增 Stripe 线上收款设置

2. OMS新增Credit Card 和AHC充值方式








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