Inbound Order Display

1) You can receive and change the product information from an inbound order (OMS cannot change the content of an inbound order, but it does support updating the container number and shipping tracking number, and WMS supports modification with the exception of packing information and other information).

2) Products that have not been received in the inbound order may be received and placed on shelves.

Note: By default, the system stores the received goods on the “unassigned” storage location of the system if no “shelving” operation is carried out. 

3) Completed: You can modify the price of the storage order and place products on the shelves that haven’t been added to the storage order.

Note: Changing the fee will render the prior transaction invalid and create a new transaction.

4) Cancelled: You can delete the storage order.

Note: The canceled storage order cannot be restored. If you need to restore it, please re-create the storage order with the same content in the system.