How to set up packaging material matching rules?

I. Packing material settings for a single product shipment

When reviewing products with the packaging type “additional packaging required” submitted by customers, the warehouse can manually configure default packaging materials for customers.

1.Manually add a single product package

Steps: Product Management>Standalone (Bundle) product>Edit>Inventory and Shipping>Shipping/Product Dimension> Choose the packaging materials that will be used to package the product> Submit.

Note:Please keep in mind that the packaging material specified here is only applicable to one order per package. If it is the packaging material setting for a single order with multiple pieces, please see “Packaging material settings for multiple product shipments.”

2. Add single product packaging materials in batches

Steps: Product management>Standalone or Bundle product>check the product/s that requires additional logistics packaging>Click Bulk Action drop down menu>Set packaging material>select the default packaging type and default packaging material>Confirm


II. Packaging material settings for multiple product shipments

The packaging materials used by a single product can only be specified by product management. When multiple products are to be issued on a single outbound order, the packaging materials required for each product must be specified in the logistics automation rules.

Steps: Settings>Shipping service settings>Shipping automation >Create+ >Create a new automation rule>Set the conditions of the rule and use packaging materials>Apply.

For example: when the product delivered by customer 29525 is SD22, and the delivery quantity is 2-4 pieces, use Smallpackage packaging material, and more than 10 use Middle Box packaging material. Then the settings are shown in the figure:

Note: the definition of “contains” and “belongs to” in the condition:

  • “Contains” means that all  SKUs set in this condition should be included in the delivery order. If  there missing or other SKUs it will not meet this condition;
  • “Belongs to” refers to that as long as there is one SKU in the outbound order that is mapping this condition, the outbound order will meet this condition.
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