Types of inbound orders

Cross Dock inbound: Only the transshipment list has data in the inbound order. OMS goods to overseas warehouses are only used for transit operations, and the entire inbound and outbound process, the inventory is checked in the form of boxes, and the system cross-dock list is taken;

Regular Inbound: Only the warehousing list has data in the warehousing order. After OMS goods are delivered to overseas warehouses, products that are out of the warehouse by means of dropshipping/bulk goods out of the warehouse, etc., go to the system inbound list;

Combination: The inbound list and the cross-dock list in the inbound order have data. Among the goods in the warehouse, there are both the goods that are sent by drop-shipping/bulk goods out of the warehouse and the inbound type of goods that are in transit. Both the transshipment list and the inbound list are filled in.