Shipping Label Sequence Arrangement for Batch Orders

If the order of small parcels is one by one (whether it is system order or upload shipping label): the sequence of shipping label is based on SKU, the sequence of SKUs is sorted in alphabetical A- Z, and the shipping labels of the same sku are displayed together to facilitate warehouse packaging;

If there are multiple SKUs in a single order in the batch, or a combination of single and multiple SKUs in the batch (all system print orders), the print order of the shipping label will be the same as the order sequence in the batch, from top to bottom.

The order sequence in the picking list will be the inverse of the order sequence in the batch, from bottom to top. This is due to the fact that when the printer is turned on, the first shipping label will be at the bottom and the last shipping label will be on top. The order of the orders in the picking list is reversed in order to paste the top shipping label on the last picked item.

Suggestion: To ensure that the printed labels are sequentially ordered, when creating a batch, distinguish between single item orders and orders with multiple SKUs, filter the order type first, and then create batches for single SKU single piece orders first. Processing orders with multiple SKUs can help warehouse operations run more smoothly.