How can system settings be modified?

1. Product Preference

Approval new products created by client: before they are approved and added to the system, warehouse staff must manually review products added on the OMS side. In order for the manual review process to function, this feature must be turned on. 


2. Inbound Preference

Manage Inbound for your client: When this feature is activated, WMS can directly assist OMS users in creating, editing, and deleting inbound orders;

Verify whether the storage box’s dimensions and weight are required.

3. Cross Dock Preference

Allows you to specify whether or not the size and weight of the return box are required.

4. Outbound Preference

  • Once enabled, the warehouse can assist customers in creating, modifying, and deleting outbound warehouse lists.
  • It aids in the adjustment of pallet inventory in the warehouse following the delivery of the Freight Outbound order. After enabling the function, the warehouse will see a pop-up window with the inventory adjustment of the pallets in the warehouse after delivery.
  • Support adjusting whether the size and weight of warehouse boxes for large shipments are required.

5. Return Preference

Allows you to specify whether or not the size and weight of the return box are required.

6. APP Settings

  • No need to confirm the picking location when picking: After opening, there is no need to scan the location when picking on the APP, and the current picking location will not be displayed, and the goods will be picked directly from the location recommended by the system;
  • Allow to complete the delivery directly in the App: After it is enabled, the delivery can be completed directly after the APP operation is packaged, and the order will become the delivered status;
  • Allow picking to be skipped: After opening, when processing the outbound order to be picked on the APP, after scanning the order, you can choose quick picking to complete the picking step directly, without confirming the location and SKU quantity information of the picking;
  • Secondary sorting: After opening, you can perform secondary sorting on the picked wave outbound orders, and assign all SKUs of a wave to different picking baskets according to the order, which is convenient for packaging.
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