How to import shipping labels in batches?

Both OMS and WMS systems can import shipping tracking numbers and labels in batches for orders that do not go through the system’s shipping bill.

Note:Importing shipping labels only works with outbound orders submitted by uploading a shipping label that have not been cancelled.。

There are two ways to import shipping labels:

1. For Single Order: one PDF corresponds to a single outbound order

Steps: Outbound > Parcel outbound order> Import> Import Shipping label> For Single Order> Confirm> Upload Shipping Label.

The uploaded shipping label must be a PDF file, with the file name consistent with the “order number” of the outbound order, or the upload will fail. The outbound order cannot be imported if it is not filled order number.

2. For Batch Order: one PDF corresponds to multiple outbound orders

Steps: Outbound > Parcel outbound order> Import> Import Shipping label> Batch Order> Confirm> Upload shipping label.


1) Before importing a shipping label in bulk, you must first create a Tag for the outbound order. Otherwise, the import will be unable to proceed.

2) Not recommended in general because the system cannot split PDF files containing multiple labels. If a PDF contains multiple labels, these labels will all be imported into multiple outbound orders, that may result in repeated shipments in the warehouse.

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