How to export transaction records?

Steps: Log in to WMS system> Billing> Transactions> Select All, select the transaction flow that needs to be exported> Click Export. You can export all transactions, or you can filter and just select the transactions that need to be exported. 

The outbound operation charge and the freight make up the cost of the outgoing order. All transactions in “Outbound” relate to outbound operation fees, while all transactions in “Shipping” correspond to shipping fees.

When exporting the outbound transaction , you can select “With Shipping transaction ” and “Only outbound order transaction”


1. Select “With Shipping Transaction” from the outgoing page to export a spreadsheet that will show all flow orders with outbound operation fees as well as shipping information; however, it will not reveal that there are only shipping records without outbound operation fees.

2. Choose to export the “With outbound transaction” spreadsheet from the Shipping page; it will show all outbound orders with shipping charges and outbound operating expenses; it will not show orders with only outbound operating fees and no shipping costs.