ShipOut April 2021 System Release Content

1. Outbound: Available through warehouse overall optimization; please see:

Freight Outbound Guide

2. Bills and transaction flow: WMS allows you to choose specific transactions to generate bills;

3. Shipping account settings: [WMS] Increase the support for the shipping account to enable third-party billing.

4. Parcel Outbound: [WMS] The picking list is prioritized by location;

5. App:App supports Chinese version; Android will automatically prompt to download after logging in again; IOS can be updated through the APP store;

6. WMS & OMS The help center is online; you can click to enter to obtain various operating manuals, video guides and learn about our latest developments;

7. Inbound management: add end-of-line information maintenance to the inbound transfer list;

8. Inbound management: logical adjustment of warehousing order number, box number, and box-type number; simplified inbound order number, with R in the box type number to indicate a product in the inbound storage record; box type number with C to indicate a list of products for storage and cross-docking; each box type is the box number + serial number;

9. Outbound management : Add fields to the freight outbound list, adjust the export fields accordingly, and add batch functions such as batch delivery and submission;