How to link a TikTok store to ShipOut?


  1. When mapping TikTok store products in ShipOut, it is necessary to map the seller ID of the TikTok store as the store product code, not the SKU ID of the TikTok store.
  2. Linking to a TikTok store currently only supports pulling orders with an Order status of Awaiting Shipment and a Shipping method of Seller Shipping, as shown below.

Step One: How to Link Your TikTok Account on ShipOut:

Step One: Log into your ShipOut system, select ‘Selling Channel’ in the top right corner, click on ‘Connect a Store or Marketplace’, and choose the TikTok logo.

Step Two: Enter Your TikTok Store Information.

1. Enter a custom nickname for the store as it will appear on ShipOut.

2. Enter the name of the warehouse in the store; if left blank, orders and
inventory from all warehouses will be synchronized. You can view the warehouse name and details from the ‘Manage Orders’ section; please refer to the position shown in the image below

3.Click “Connect” to go to TikTok and authorize ShipOut to access your order information

Step Three: Click the link to be redirected to the TikTok website and follow the prompts to grant authorization.

Step Four: Choose if you want to turn on automatic updates for orders, shipments, and inventory according to what you need.

Step Five: Set up the product mapping between your TikTok store and the OMS system.

You’ll need to map the TikTok store’s seller ID as the store product code, not the TikTok store’s SKU ID. Refer to the image below to locate the corresponding seller ID.

For instructions, please follow the link to the guide titled “How to Map Store Aliases”:

Step Six: Import TikTok orders into the ShipOut system.

Before manually syncing orders, go to the double loop button in the top right corner and click to update the store orders.

Section Two: Responding to TikTok-Related Inquiries

1. Why did linking to TikTok fail? Why can’t I successfully connect to TikTok?

Answer: Please ensure that the warehouse name you entered when linking TikTok in ShipOut is accurate.

2. Why am I not receiving orders after linking? Why does it show zero orders retrieved when there are orders in my store?

Answer: Currently, ShipOut only supports retrieving orders with the Order status set to Awaiting Shipment and the Shipping method as Seller Shipping.

3. Why is the Store SKU field empty after pulling the orders? Why am I still prompted that there is no mapped SKU even after setting up the mapping?

Answer: First, please confirm that you have mapped the TikTok store’s Seller ID to the corresponding product in the ShipOut system.

Second, after mapping, did you refresh the order data to reflect the new mappings? If you haven’t, please go back and update the store orders using the option in the top right corner.

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