Warehouse User Account and OMS Users Account

Warehouse user account

It supports setting different role accounts for warehouse employees according to the division of labor, and configuring different permissions. Employee accounts can only see functional modules with corresponding permissions.

If the employee account has no billing authority but has the operation authority of modules such as outbound/inbound/return/work order, when the user completes the document, the fee cannot be seen, but the system will use the default in the billing automation in the background Charge rules to calculate document charges.

Click the link to get the tutorial on creating an employee account: “How to Create an Employee Account”

OMS account

If you need another warehouse to create an account for the same customer, you can enter the same email address in the pop-up window of “Invite Customer” in the new warehouse through the “Invite Customer” method, and the customer can activate the account in the email address.

Click the link to get the tutorial on inviting customers: “How to Invite Customers Who Have Registered OMS Accounts in a New Warehouse”

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