How to map store aliases?

I. Single product alias mapping

After the product is created, the products that need to be shipped via the link store push order to the system need to be associated with the store. We can associate them individually or in batches. If a single association.

Steps: product management> Standalone product/Bundled product> find the corresponding product> click on drop down the menu bar> Edit

Find the Selling Channel Alias section on the product details page, click Add, enter the SKU and store information, and submit to save.


1.Amazon stores can map SKU code and ASIN code, and the order can be successfully placed. If the SKU code is mapped, the order can be placed and inventory can be synchronized. If the ASIN code is mapped, the order can be placed but the inventory cannot be synchronized.

2. Instead of a Wayfair SKU, Wayfair product mapping should map a Supplier part number.

3.Supports one OMS SKU in multiple SKU mapping systems in the same store; but one SKU in the store can only map to one OMS SKU in the system.

II. Map store alias by batch

Steps: Product>Import>Import selling channel alias>Download template>Fill in the form>Upload the form>Confirm the upload information>Import

All three items in the template are required:
omsSku: the SKU code set in this system;
sku: the SKU code of the store, if different stores have different SKUs, add a line of information;
storeName: the store name, which is the store name corresponding to the SKU;

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