FedEx rate increase for the year 2021

Effective January 4, 2021, FedEx Express (Domestic, US Export and US Import), FedEx Ground, and FedEx Home Delivery shipping rates will increase by an average of 4.9%, while FedEx Freight will increase rates by an average of 5.9%. FedEx SmartPost, Ground Multiweight, and International Premium rates will also increase, but FedEx has yet to specify those increases. FedEx One Rate and Retail Rates will also change. Below is an overview of our 2021 Rates:

  • FedEx continues its emphasis on penalizing large packages in its networks. The new trigger (effective January 18th, 2021) for Additional Handling – dimensions is 105” combined length plus girth (length and girth = length + 2*height + 2*width).
  • The ground minimum package charge (zone 2, 1 pound list rate) has increased by 6.44% to $8.76. 
  • Two-day and three-day shipments will take larger increases. 
  • Longer zones have larger increases than shorter zones for express services.
  • Surcharges have increased by more than the announced 4.9% for most of the high frequency items, and DAS ZIP Codes have changed. More ZIP Codes are considered standard DAS and less are considered extended DAS compared to 2020. Also effective January 18th, 2021, other surcharge ratings will occur.
  • Effective February 1st, 2021, the FedEx Freight fuel surcharge will be assessed on the per pound rated weight of the shipment. A preview of the new table is available here:

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