Does the system support partial storage, and partial replacement of returned SKUs?

Yes, the return management module supports a single SKU with multiple processing methods. You can enter the same SKU, fill in the returned quantity and the corresponding processing method when filling in the return form: add to stock and/or replace label.

Is the fee for return storage calculated after receipt of the package at the warehouse or after completion of the return processing process?

The return storage fee is calculated from the time that the warehouse receives the package. The warehouse receives the package and scans it into the system and recorded the dimension and weight information of the returned package. After that, the

Does the system support batch receive when returning goods are delivered in batches to the warehouse?

Yes.If the returned goods received by the warehouse are not the same as the returned quantity predicted by the customer, there may be some returns that have not been delivered to the warehouse. At this time, the warehouse can receive

When Amazon returns the goods and customers cannot get the tracking order number, can the system identify which customer’s return order corresponds to the returned product?

The system has two ways to corresponds returned order when the tracking number cannot access:1) When OMS customers create a return forecasting in the system, they can fill in the RMA as customer name + returned batch number (for example

Does WMS support FBA transfer? How to submit an order for this scenario?

Yes. You can submit an inbound order for two different situations: 1)If the product transferred does not need to be put on the shelf and is transferred directly to the Amazon warehouse, please fill in the “cross dock” area when creating the inbound order; 2)If the transferred product needs to be stored for a period of time in the warehouse – when creating the inbound list, fill in the ‘Inbound List.’ This step will increase the items in the inventory. This also means that you need to create an outbound list to decrease the appropriate inventory after moving to the Amazon warehouse.

After submitting an outbound order, can the shipping label be modified after it has been generated?

Yes, Outbound→Parcel Outbound order→to pick / picking / to pack → replace shipping label → selecting logistics transportation method and logistics account → confirming to regenerate shipping label.

After submitting the outbound order, the purchaser canceled the order for the store. How do I adjust the subsequent outbound order processing and inventory?

There are two ways to deal with the situation: 1) If the parcel has been sent out and the invoice for the outbound order has been completed, a return order may be issued. The return order method can be “add

The shipping service of the outbound order is “Automatic Selection: Why is the logistic tracking number not generated after the outbound order has been submitted?

The reason is that the outbound order does not meet the conditions of the logistics automation rules set by the warehouse, and the warehouse needs to replace the shipping label.

Why is my order clearly shown on ShipOut that it has been shipped, but Amazon still displays unshipped status?

Under normal circumstances, ShipOut will automatically return the logistic tracking number to the store after shipment, but due to Amazon’s current limit, there will be a small number of orders that are not returned successfully.You can find orders that have

My client has its own shipping account and does not need our own shipping service. How do I upload their shipping labels for outbound?

When the client creates the outbound order, select “upload shipping label” as shipping service, then upload the shipping label in the order.