The store has a bundled SKU or product, so how do I match it to the system’s SKU?

You only need to create a combination product in the system and then associate it with the SKU of the store. Product management → combined product →new combined product →store mapping relationship setting 

Can my SKU be deleted or modified after it is created?

Once the SKU name is created, it cannot be modified. The SKU may be deleted if it is not used (not involving any SKU in the inbound, outbound, and return process).Deleting the used SKU is impossible. It can be adjusted

How do I export all the inbound and outbound records of a certain SKU?

Enter the product page → check SKU →drop-down export menu → export warehouse records → select report type and time range → export. 

Why can’t my product be archived?

Before the product is archived, it is necessary to ensure that all inbound, outbound, or return orders involving the SKU have reached the completed state, and the inventory of the product is 0.

Why is there no way of processing the order when my Amazon store item is mapped to the SKU of the store?

The Amazon ASIN product is unique. The Amazon store SKU pulled by ShipOut is an ASIN instead of the SKU of the Amazon store, so the platform SKU should fill in the ASIN instead of the real Amazon platform SKU when the Amazon store product is mapped to the alias

Can the SKU of the ShipOut system be consistent with the SKU of the online store?

Yes, but it does not matter whether the SKU of ShipOut is consistent with the SKU of the online store. After the product list is created, they need to be associated with the shop SKU through the selling channel alias.