Why can’t the customer receive any emails when I create a customer account?

When creating an OMS customer account, the “Create an OMS account” option needs to be set to “Yes”, the system will send an email to the customer, and the customer can log in to the system through the link. If

Can I create an account for warehouse employees? Can employee accounts be set with different permissions?

Yes, log in to WMS account → warehouse user → fill in relevant information to set up employee account. Support setting up warehouse administrator account and warehouse operator account. Account operation permissions can also be customized.

How do we link EzeeShip accounts?

The first step: Log in to ShipOut → Settings →Logistics service settings → Logistics service provider account settings→ Create  Step 2: Select the EzeeShip icon → enter the EzeeShip account name and API key to associate How to obtain the

Will the system get orders in real-time after linking the store? How do I return the logistic label and update the inventory after the order has been processed?

At present, the system needs to get the order manually and regularly. The system cannot get the order in real-time. The tracking number will be returned automatically after the delivery of the order in the warehouse, and the shop does