Why are the corresponding fees still not charged after the inbound order has been completed when I have set the rules for inbound billing?

The fees may have not been charged because of the following reasons: The billing group is not associated with a customer group The billing rules only apply to some inbound orders – review the billing rules again and check computation

The customer has recharged, where can I review the recharge request?

There are two ways to review the recharge request: 1) An exclamation mark will appear above the amount column on the dashboard to remind that there is a recharge that needs to be reviewed. Click the link and you will

On which interface can I see the account balance of each customer?

There are two ways to check your balance: 1) Client Center> Account Balance 2)Billing > Account > Account Balance

My customers want to recharge their account balance, where can I enter my payment instructions?

Click on portrait icon in the upper right corner→Account Settings → Payout Settings. From here enter your bank account details or set the other online and offline payment information. 

How can I set the credit limit for my client?

Log in to your WMS account → Client Center → Edit → Set credit limit → Save.

Can I set a different shipping price for my VIP customers from ordinary customers?

Yes. Step 1: Set up VIP customer group. In the Client Center → drop-down customer group → manage customer group, create a VIP customer group.  Step 2: Set up the corresponding billing rules: inbound fee, outbound fee, and return fee.