How to invite OMS customers?

First method is by Invitation: Directly enter the customer’s email address and click to send the notification email. Once the customer receives the email, they need to click to activate the account. They will then enter the information setting page,

How to reverse a transaction

If the status for this transaction is unbilled: Log in to your WMS account → Billing → Transactions → Copy the ‘Transaction#’ you’d like to cancel → Click ‘Reverse’  → Paste Transaction# → Click ‘Search’ → Fill in ‘Note’ →

How to remove a transaction from an invoice

If the transaction is billed and unpaid: Log in to your WMS account → Billing→ Account&Invoice → Fill in the transaction# that you need to cancel → Click Search Click ‘View’ Find the transaction you’d like to cancel →Click ‘Remove’

ShipOut’s Getting Started Guide for New Users

ShipOut’s Getting Started Guide for New Users New users? Please refer to the steps below to get started efficiently! Step 1. Sign in to your account and set up your account basic information We will provide the user login path

How to link your Walmart account in ShipOut

Step1: Log in to account> Setting> Selling Channels> Connect a Store or Maketplace> Walmart Step2: Click the blue font “here” in step 1 of the figure below to log in to the Walmart account Step3: Walmart dashboard click My Account>Marketplace>log

ShipOut Introduction Proposal

ShipOut-OMS User Guide

Hello! Welcome to the order management system of ShipOut-OMS. I hope you’re done with the initial set up before you formally place an order (see the detailed operation process below for details): 1. Required setting: Create SKU, and associate store

How to operate inventory management?

1. Inventory view Warehouse inventory will be automatically updated with the activity of inbound and outbound records. Inbound inventory, transfer inventory, and inventory history can also be viewed by going to Stock changelog Inbound inventory can be queried through SKU

How to create a standalone product

2. Product Management Function overview: ShipOut supports users to add, delete, deactivate, modify, filter and view products, etc. After OMS creates the product, it will be automatically submitted to WMS, and the document can be submitted after the warehouse has

System application settings and ticket creation

Step 5. Custom application function module (optional) This step is optional. You can also skip this step and proceed to the next step. Users can open product, inventory, warehousing, outgoing, work order, customer center and employee management functions as needed.