Does WMS support FBA transfer? How to submit an order for this scenario?

Yes. You can submit an inbound order for two different situations: 1)If the product transferred does not need to be put on the shelf and is transferred directly to the Amazon warehouse, please fill in the “cross dock” area when creating the inbound order; 2)If the transferred product needs to be stored for a period of time in the warehouse – when creating the inbound list, fill in the ‘Inbound List.’ This step will increase the items in the inventory. This also means that you need to create an outbound list to decrease the appropriate inventory after moving to the Amazon warehouse.

My goods are shipped by sea, and I don’t have a tracking number. Can I leave it blank?

You can fill in the BOL (Bill of loading) number without the tracking number. Warehouse receiving is based on scanning the information on the package label or the tracking number to look up the inbound order. If the system package

How do I create inbound and outbound orders for customers in the WMS system?

Go to Settings>System Application Settings>System Preferences, turn on the inbound preference and outbound preference. Go to and either inbound and outbound management interface to create a warehouse or a customer order.

Why doesn’t the inventory increase after I have received the goods?

All packages to be received should have the boxes checked on the receiving page. Once done click the action button “save and received/complete”. If the box is not checked, the products will not be added to the inventory.