6.1 How to invite OMS customers

First method is by Invitation: Directly enter the customer’s email address and click to send the notification email. Once the customer receives the email, they need to click to activate the account. They will then enter the information setting page, complete the information to create an OMS account. Or , we can also directly share the registration link with customers, and customers can click on the link to fill in the account information to complete the registration.

The second method is to directly click Create, fill in the customer information and save it. In this way, the client can receive the email, which contains the account password. It is recommended that customers change the password after formal use.

6.2 Conduct customer management

Basic customer information management: Client Center supports freezing OMS accounts, grouping customers (for the convenience of setting different billing rules for different groups of customers), setting the credit limit and the number of pallets for the user, and clicking the relevant fee name on the customer details page Set up personalized billing rules for current customers.

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