Step 5. Custom application function module (optional)

This step is optional. You can also skip this step and proceed to the next step. Users can open product, inventory, warehousing, outgoing, work order, customer center and employee management functions as needed. For example, a work order function needs to be configured for a third-party warehouse. Click the settings icon>System Setting>Preference Settings

Note: The following functions are controlled by the warehouse business module. If the service module is not selected, the related application function will not be displayed.

5.1 Setting permissions for product review

Approval of new products created by customers: After opening, the products added by OMS will be automatically reviewed, without warehouse review;

Inbound preference, outbound preference

Help customers manage inbound and outbound activity: After opening, WMS can directly help OMS customers create inbound and outbound orders;

Work order settings:

Personalize work orders: customize work order types. This function also requires the third-party warehouse to set up different work order categories and charge for its customers. Support users to set their own work order types and create billing rules for them.

How to create a new work order category: Create work order>Create work order name>Select the options that will be affected by the work order operation.

After creating a work order category, an optional work order category will be added on the OMS side.