This function is mainly for 3rd party warehouses. If it is a self-operated warehouse or a warehouse that does not require this business module, you can skip this step. This supports users to configure the charging rules of functional modules such as storage fee, inventory, and return, and the charging methods of value-add services.

10.1 Modules that support adding billing rules

Storage: receiving fee

Outbound: picking fee, packing fee, delivery fee

Return: receiving fee, processing fee

Inventory: You can set the billing rules of the system for automatic access

Work Order: Refer to the work order type in the application settings to configure the charging rules. Only support setting the unit price of value-added services

Shipping: Set the price by uploading the price list

Additional service fee: The price is fixed, and the quantity is determined according to the actual process. This can be achieved through additional service fees.

10.2 How to add basic service fees

Select the prerequisites as shown below>Click next then add new to set formula configuration>Set Amount>Click Save, any formulas that triggers this condition will automatically be included in the charge.

For example, for warehousing and receiving, you can configure the billing rule to be: If the package weight is less than 3lbs, and the billing amount is 3-10lbs. When the warehouse confirms receipt and has been put away for storage, it will be automatically calculated and matched according to the billing rules you set.

10.3 How to add additional service fee

Billing automation> Additional services> Define the name and description of the value-added service you need> Select the unit> Set the price and save it. After adding, the value-added service options will be displayed in the Inbound, Outbound and Return Module