Step 4. Add warehouse area and location

Customize warehouse partition and location: Click Settings> Location Settings> create new area> create new location. Or import locations in batches via [Import].

4.1 Warehouse area settings

The “Area” represents warehouse storage or a specific area. Supports users to customize names according to the functions of different areas of their own warehouses. You can set the function of an area allowing users with specific authorization levels to access the area or location. Users can define the area name according to the business model. Such as picking area, return area, storage area, receiving area, etc.

4.2 Location setting

Each “Location” represents the inventory storage location. It can be cargo location number, shelf number, pallet location, closet, warehouse sub-area, retail location or virtual business operation (such as RMA or return or damage). A “Location” is a storage location that can represent an entire building or a smaller area of ​​a building or business process。

  • The location name must be associated with the storage area.
  • The location name must be unique in all locations. Warehouse area and sub-location cannot have exactly the same name.

Set the name of the location and the picking priority. After a new location has been established, you can see the location under this partition. During outbounding process, the system will pick according to the location settings. Click Edit to change the name and function or delete, to remove the location