2.1. New warehouse

Fill in the warehouse name, address information, contact phone number and click “Next”;


1) The warehouse information can be modified as needed in the future: Settings> Warehouse Information> Modify Warehouse Information> Save;

2) The time zone selected when the warehouse was created cannot be changed later;

2.2 Choose the type of the warehouse

  • Private Storage Warehouse: self-delivery warehouse
  • Public (3PL) Storage Warehouse or 3rd party warehouses: the usual business types are drop shipping, transshipment, exchange of labels, etc.
  • Private Distribution Warehouse Center
  • Public (3PL) Distribution Warehouse Center
  • Drop-ship Warehouse
  • Other Business Model

2.3 Choose warehouse business function

The function of the warehouse is selected according to the purpose of the warehouse. A general warehouse has functions such as product, storage, export, and inventory management.

  • Employee Management: Add employee login accounts, configure employee roles and corresponding functional modules;
  • Parcel Outbound: Most small packages out of the warehouse are goods sold on the e-commerce platform and sent to the warehouse of individual users;
  • Freight Outbound: Large items out of the warehouse are mostly delivered by non-express delivery;
  • Shiping Carrier Integration: This function can connect your UPS, FedEx, Stamps or EzeeShip account API for order printing;
  • Work Orders: applicable to third-party warehouses, OMS end users submit operation requirements for products in the warehouse;
  • Smart Billing: suitable for three-party warehouses, smart billing, support for setting billing rules and additional service fees for O-end users;
  • 3PL client management: Applicable to three-party warehouses, inviting OMS end users to participate in independent operations such as product, storage, and delivery;
  • Return (RMA): Regarding return processing, including FBA returns and small package returns;
  • Material Management: Packaging material management. When packaging, you can choose to preset packaging materials, and packaging materials are charged.

Note: You can modify its business functions according to warehouse requirements in the future: Settings> System Application Settings> Re-adjustment Functions> Confirm.