Step 3. Shipping account management and configuration of carrier service rules

Warehouses with billing functions can be set up shipping accounts and shipping service rules. The platform supports connecting to UPS, FedEx, Stamps accounts, and EzeeShip accounts.

3.1 Linking a shipping account.

Setting> Shiping Account> add account> fill in the API KEY generated in Account Name, Carrier, and carrier account> save; API Keys for UPS, FedEx, Stamps can be obtained by contacting the carrier. The API Key of EzeeShip can log in EzeeShip Account Settings Center> API Setting to generate an API Key. Copy and paste it and click save to automatically complete the set up and start ordering.

3.2 Turn on shipping services

First, go to Setting> Shipping Service Setting> Got to Manage shipping service to activate the carrier service you need to use. After activation, this service will become an option for future carrier services.

3.3 Automating shipping service rules

Click Setting> Shipping Service Seting> Shipping Automation to set shipping service rules for each account. You can choose different prerequisites such as product size, weight, additional services, countries, etc. to set up different accounts and different services to make orders.

For example: If the condition is that the delivery address is residential, the package size is greater than 641, and the weight is less than 10lbs, use the FedEx SmartPost service, and use the FedEx Home Delivery service for 10-70lbs. In other cases, use the FedEx Ground service. If there is an order that does not apply to any of the services you configure, it will automatically use the default service you set at the bottom.

3.4 Setting shipping labels

Click Setting> Shipping Service Seting> Shipping Label Setting, you can set the size of the label printing, select the required reference information and print it with the label.